Sumit Anand flew (from another city) into the comedy scene 5 years ago and has looked back many times since, although every time he thought of quitting comedy to fail as a musician, he kept getting booked to perform more shows.

That dedication to never plan has seen Sumit perform his stand-up across India and the world – Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia to name but a few, and now on to the UK. Sumit’s stand up explores his daily life – daydreaming and wondering about his body, growing up in a village in India and thinking it’s a town, and of course polar bears

Language: English and Hindi

Performed at: Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Soho Theatre - London, Bengaluru Comedy Festival, Comedy Masala - Singapore, Comedy Club Asia - Singapore and Crackhouse Club - Malaysia, Special Guest Performance at MTV - Colors of Youth.

'Droll, eccentric and sophisticated' - Metro, London