Aamer Peeran is a Stand Up Comedian. Born In the Middle East, to an Indian father and a Pakistani mother, He is the Epitome of the phrase peace in the Middle East, he moved to India in 2008 after he’d failed at every exam he wrote, and he started performing later that year, opening for bands, interrupting karaoke nights, standing on public park benches and he did that for 3 years before moving to Bangalore, India where there is a running open mic circuit. Now he’s a regular in all the premier shows all over the country. One of only 2 comedians who’s not an Engineer nor an MBA, he is often referred to as Tesla in the country’s comedy circles, because like Tesla he is a trillion light years ahead of the rest. His comedy has a blend of unique observations, experiences, sounds, colorful topics, colorless topics, brinjals and an innate undertone of extreme Laziness. He has a versatile array of observations for all types of audiences.

He recently made his acting debut on Amazon Prime’s Die trying.

Language: English